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TechAviv Founders Club Application

The TechAviv Founders Club (TFC) is a private global network of top Israeli startup founders and investors. We connect on and offline to deepen our personal relationships and to harness our collective energy, knowledge and networks to help each other succeed. Membership is free, but requires an invitation from an existing member. Apply below for an invite.


Founder Membership Criteria:

To qualify for TFC membership as a founder you must be an Israeli founder of a technology company with at least $1M in funding or revenue and be invited by an existing member.

Investor Membership Criteria:

To qualify for TFC membership as an investor, you must be a senior partner at a VC firm or a full-time angel investor with at least one new direct investment in an Israeli-founded technology company in the past 12 months. An invitation from an existing member is required.

 TechAviv Founders Club Mobile App 

TechAviv Founders Club Mobile App 

Member Benefits:

As a TFC member you will be invited to member-only local events and be able to connect globally, via the TFC app, to top Israeli founders and investors in our network. The new TFC app is used to share our experience, give and get advice, request and suggest intros, etc. Membership, and everything we do, is free. 

Don't qualify for TFC but still want to attend TechAviv events?

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