Founder Stories

TechAviv's Yaron Samid sits down with our most inspiring members for an intimate deep dive into their personal founder journeys, from challenge to triumph. 

Shai Wininger | Lemonade & Fiverr

What does it take to build not one but two unicorns out of Israel? Hear the remarkable founder journey of Lemonade and Fiverr founder Shai Wininger. Shai candidly shares his personal and professional challenges, eventual triumphs and unique lessons learned from his remarkable 2-decade, 5-startup journey. This is an ongoing story of a high school dropout from Haifa who became one of Israel's most successful entrepreneurs.

As you'll see from our fireside chat, Shai has a rare combination of world-class UX design and tech skills, an uncanny vision of the future, an obsession with company culture and values, seemingly endless optimism, and grounded humility. To have built two of the world's most valuable B2C startups from Israel is not only stereotype-shattering, it is inspiring countless fellow Israeli startup founders to think much bigger. Keep leading the way Shai.

Aired: July 16, 2018


Tomer Bar-Zeev | ironSource

On June 24, 2018, over  100 TechAviv founders got together to hear the truly remarkable founder story of Tomer Bar-Zeev, founder & CEO of ironSource. From moving back into his parent's house literally broke at age 30 with his wife (read: hero) and two kids, to turning down multiple acquisition offers on the way to building one of Israel's most valuable tech startups, ever. This is a journey of a local boy done good that's inspiring a legion of Israeli startup founders to think way bigger. Thanks Tomer for what you do, how you do it, and for doing it in Israel. #GrowthNation

Aired: June 24, 2018

Micha Kaufman | Fiverr

A candid discussion with Micha Kaufman, Founder & CEO at Fiverr covering the challenges he faced, the learnings he acquired and the strategies he deployed on the way to building one of the world's largest and most successful online marketplaces, ever. 

Aired: February 6, 2018