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EST. 2007

TechAviv is a non-profit, invite-only global network of top Israeli technology startup founders and investors that are committed to helping each other, and our next generation, succeed. We share a passion to help, learn from, and be inspired by fellow men and women in the arena. We meet locally in Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, New York and Boston and globally via our private founders club app. Our members include the seasoned founders of Israel's most iconic technology companies, promising first-time founders and some of the world's top investors. 

Since 2007 our monthly events have provided a stage for founders to showcase their products in front of hundreds of peers, candidly discuss their challenges and share their valuable learnings. We host topic based talks, panels and fireside chats to share knowledge and intimate CEO lunches and member networking events to deepen our personal relationships.

Membership, and everything we do, is free.


Our Mission


To help fellow Israeli startup founders succeed by harnessing our collective energy, knowledge and networks.



We host larger TechAviv community meetups with the broader Israeli startup community in Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, LA and London. If you're a founder but do not qualify for TFC, sign up here. Over 10,000 TechAviv Community members network globally via our LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

Founders Club

The TechAviv Founders Club (TFC) is an exclusive global network of top Israeli technology startup founders and investors. We hold local member-only events and connect online via our app to learn from, inspire and help each other succeed. Membership is free but requires an invitation. Apply here.

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TechAviv founder and organizer Yaron Samid